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Dressage 2009 Wall Calendar
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Horses (French) 2009 Wall Calendar
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Just Horses 2009 Wall Calendar


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Horses 2009 Planner

Horses Planner: This weekly planner features a clear vinyl cover with snap closure. Weeks begin with Monday. Other features include:<p><ul><li>6-Ring binding<li>Tabbed sections<li>Monthly planning pages<li>Address section<li>Space for notes<li> Photo sleeves<li>Zip-lock pocket with pencil, eraser, notepad, and bookmark<li>Fun stickers<li>Ruler</ul>

Horses Planner: This weekly planner features a clear vinyl cover with snap closure. Weeks begin with Monday. Other features include:

  • 6-Ring binding
  • Tabbed sections
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Address section
  • Space for notes
  • Photo sleeves
  • Zip-lock pocket with pencil, eraser, notepad, and bookmark
  • Fun stickers
  • Ruler

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Horse Slaughtering; Legislation Safeguards an American Icon

Byline: Christopher J. Heyde, SPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES Born on the lush bluegrass covered pastures of one of Kentucky's most famous Thoroughbred farms, Ferdinand would go on to become an American legend following his win at the 1986 Kentucky Derby and selection as the 1987 Horse of the Year. ... (Publication: The Washington Times (Washington, DC))


Horse Shopping 101

Ranch horse sales have gained a lot of interest over the last decade and are one of the most popular ways for people to purchase horses. These auctions offer a unique environment where people have the opportunity to buy ranch-born and -raised horses, which makes them ideal for a life of ranch work. ... (Publication: The Cattleman)


Horse Slaughter Issue Divides and Confuses: PART I:

Byline: Logan Hawkes EDITOR'S NOTE: An overpopulation of horses and a sluggish horse industry are adding to the issue of whether slaughtering horses is a reasonable alternative to an animal crisis. But several slaughter companies who want to process horse meat to foreign buyers for a profit further ... (Publication: Southwest Farm Press (Online Exclusive))


Horse business continues to flourish

MISSOULA - Veterinarian Bill Brown gets no rest when it's springtime in Montana. For Brown and others saddled to Montana's equine economy, this is a time to make hay. On any given day, Brown is burning up Highway 93 from Hamilton to the Ninemile Valley, helping to keep the region's growing horse ... (Publication: The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT))



HORSES HORSES have played an essential role in the life, and therefore in the religion, of all the peoples who have had direct contact with them, particularly the Indo-Europeans, the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians, the Arabs, the Chinese, and the North American Indians. It is fair to say that ... (Publication: Encyclopedia of Religion)


Horse feeds and feeding.

The mid-1990s have seen a tremendous resurgence in the popularity of the horse as a recreational and companion animal. This upward trend follows several years of declining horse populations beginning in the mid-1980s. The decline was reflected in high horse slaughter during this time. The ... (Publication: Feedstuffs)


Horse allure fading

RANCHO CUCAMONGA - Every week, horse lover Pat Morris can be found at Heritage Park tending to her favorite animal or using equestrian therapy to help seniors or those with special needs. The Beryl Street facility is near her Alta Loma home and her park of choice. Besides, if she doesn't make the ... (Publication: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA))


Horse neglect rises at a gallop

CINNAMON NOW: Battle Ground resident Pat Brown brushes Cinnamon, a horse she nursed back to health after Cinnamon's owner agreed to put the mare in foster care last year. Rising food costs and other factors have Clark County on track for a record-breaking year in terms of horse neglect cases. ... (Publication: The Columbian (Vancouver, WA))


Horse Sales Can Be Wrenching But Often Turn Out Happily

The horse stands on the crossties impeccably groomed with its mane brushed and a fresh coat of hoof oil on its feet. The prospective buyer nervously walks into the barn, anticipating that all-important first glance, always hoping for love at first sight. The seller has groomed and prepared the ... (Publication: The Washington Post)


Horses Domesticated Multiple Times.(Brief Article)

For several millennia, horses have been lending a hoof to humans. But despite extensive archaeological excavations, researchers have not been able to pin down the exact history of where and when these animals were domesticated. Now, on page 474, evolutionary geneticist Carles Vila and Hans Ellegren ... (Publication: Science)




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